Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guns-at-Work law needed in many more states

I invite all of you to copy this letter, changing the name and state, and send it to your governor if your state does not currently have this law.

Dear Governor,
It has come to my attention that Texas is in need of a new law to protect its citizens. The law I am referring to is the “Guns-at-Work” law. This law prohibits Texas businesses from terminating an employee for having a legal firearm in their vehicle on company property. Many states have already passed this law including Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Why hasn’t Texas?
I am a law abiding Texan with a Concealed Handgun License and my company policy forbids me keeping my gun in my car while I’m at work. This not only prevents me from protecting myself at work, but also during the commute to and from work. My only recourse right now is to risk termination by keeping my firearm in my car anyway or park my vehicle off of company property which is unrealistic.
The law already provides a solution for “gun-free-zones” such as schools, airports, federal buildings etc, by allowing the law abiding gun owner to leave the firearm in their car even though it’s parked in the parking lot of these places. Let’s send a message to all businesses and corporations with locations in Texas that they do not have the right to terminate their employees for exercising their constitutional rights.

Cody [last name withheld]
NRA Member

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